Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Brushes and Blend Modes with Samantha

Hi everyone, This is Samantha!!! 
It's been a little while since I have posted here, so lets get right into it!

I am using Celestes new Halloween kit call Fright. You can get the bundle in store by clicking on the link.

So hopefully you would have noticed Celeste loves creating what I call stamps but in her kits what she sometimes calls Brushes and Overlays such as these ones - Fright.

You look at them and they are all black and you think I could recolour them as follows....

1. Add your brush to your page, make sure the layer is selected.

2. Bring up the layer style panel. I do this by either right clicking the highlighted layer in the menu and selecting blending options or double left clicking on the right side of this highlighted layer.

3. Choose Colour Overlay. When the colour overlay window opens it usually changes the brush to red. So click on the colour box next to where it says blend mode normal and choose the colour you wish the brush to be in. I chose white.

But when I looked at the overall layout of my page I wasn't really too happy with how it all looked.

So I started playing around with the blending modes. And this is sooooo easy to do! Make sure you have the layer selected and on your keyboard press Shift - or Shift + and this takes you through all the blending modes.

1. Is where you should see which blending mode you are in when pressing shift - or +

2. Make sure your brush layer is selected.

3. The change to the brush on my page - this is the hue blend.

4. My history roll going crazy as I scroll through the blending modes!!!

Here are a few examples:

Using the colour blend mode

    And here the overlay blend mode

And my final page! Using the soft light blend mode.

So have fun with all of Celeste's brushes, overlays and stamps! You can find them in nearly all her kits at Pixels and Co!

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