Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tutorial: How To Add A White Border To Your Photo in PS (2 Ways)

Hi everyone! How are you doing? Zakirah here with a little tutorial on how to add a white border to your photo in Photoshop.

I'm going to share two techniques, and in the end, I'll compare the differences of the results.

- - -


The first technique involves the layer style. Let's start with our photo.

1. When you've placed your photo on your layout, double click the photo layer to open up the "Layer Style" options.

2. Click on "Stroke", and then set your settings like so:

3. Click on "Drop Shadow" to add your drop shadow. Feel free to use your own setting here.

4. Let's save this layer style now so we could use it again later! Click on "New Style...", name the style and click OK.

That's it! Let's look at the result:

Now let's check out the second technique.

- - -


The second technique involves the Shape tool. Let's get on with it!

1. Create a new layer under the photo layer, then click on the "Shape" tool. Then choose the "Rectangle Tool". Next, create a white rectangle around your photo. Now you've created a mat under your photo.

2. Add a drop shadow to the shape layer, and you're done!

- - -

OK, now let's compare the results of both techniques side by side:

As you can see, the result of Technique #1 makes the photo looks smaller, while the Technique #2 makes it look bigger. Here's why.

In Technique #1, we use Layer Style > Stroke and created the stroke inside of the photo. Why? Because if we create the stroke outside of the photo, the borders of the stroke will be curved, like so:

It doesn't look pretty, does it? This is why we created the stroke inside of the photo, which means the stroke is 'drawn' on the photo, covering the far sides of the photo. Whereas in Technique #2, we created the border (using a rectangle shape) around the photo, which preserves the original photo.

So which technique is better? To me, both work for different photos. When you don't mind the edges of your photo being cut off, you can use Technique #1, but if you want to preserve everything on the photo, then Technique #2 is best for you. All in all, it's up to personal preferences.

Well, I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Thank you for reading and happy scrapbooking!

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Credits: Layout created with Cameo by Celeste Knight

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