Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Using washi tape to create layered paper stacks

Hi everyone,

Samantha here with a tip/trick for your pages using Celeste's Happy Tape Brushes!

I have created two pages using both the brushes and the PNG files that come with it.

I used the brushes as a mask and clipped the paper to them, here is a quick rundown on how I made the second page which also used Celeste's most recent kit Cameo.

Step 1
So first I added my photos to approximately where I wanted them to go, with the journal card that inspired my whole page from Cameo.

Step 2
Then I after looking at all the different tapes I could choose from I place this one under my photo and resized it until I was happy.

Step 3

Next I placed a paper over the top of the tape layer and kept my finger on the shift button whilst doing this so that the paper centred automatically onto the page.

I then used the quick keys Ctrl+G (Win) / Command+G (Mac) to clip the paper onto the tape - that easy. 

Step 4

Continue adding tape and papers. Resize, rotate etc.. until you are happy.

You can also use the Washi tape to stick down your photos as I did next.

Step 5

Next I really wasn't happy with the size of all my photos and papers, they were taking up too much of my page, So I selected all the layers of tapes with the top photo and made them into a group and resized them, making them smaller. I then did the same with the bottom group of photos and tape and then move both groups further to the corners of the page to create more white space in the middle.

Then I continued to add elements from the Cameo kit until... well I am not really sure when, but at some stage you just kinda realise that anything else is just overkill :) Until I had my final product.


I hope this tip/trick has shown you a new use for Celeste's Happy Tape or your own stash of Washi!

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Johanna said...

Great tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing this idea!! It's awesome!! :)