Friday, May 16, 2014

New Release | Cameo - Win it!

Cameo is inspired by the mood board created by Lorry during a challenge at Pixels and Company.  Her board focused on soft colors and classic patterns and the theme of mothers. This makes Cameo perfect for your recent Mother's Day pictures or for heritage pictures of mothers, grandmothers and the other women in our lives.

The full kit is available at a savings over buying the individual pieces separately, but those are available as well.

The Creative team has been hard at work, and have some beautiful inspiration layouts for you.

by Bea                                      by Zakirah     
Layout by Be a Layout by Zakirah

by Lorry                                by Samantha
Layout by Lorry Layout by Samantha

by Lorell
Layout by Lorell

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staciemag said...

There are so many favorite memories of my mom, it's hard to choose. My mother worked two jobs yet somehow always managed to make time for us and make us kids feel like the most important thing in the world to her. It sounds silly, but one of my favorite memories is how on a Friday night, my mom would make a big bowl of popcorn and we'd all curl up on her bed and watch old black-and-white movies together. Looking back, it was those special, little moments that I loved the most. :)

staciemag said...
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Miss Becki said...

I have a close relationship with my mother, but she had a massive stroke at the age of 59 and is now partially paralyzed and largely unable to speak. I still love her deeply, but having a "real" conversation with her is now impossible. I'm thankful for all of the things that she set aside during my childhood so that our family could be her first priority. We share the same sense of humor, and now my own teenage daughter and I share the same silly sense of humor. The sweetness of that overwhelms the sadness of "losing" my mom.

boxsey said...

Favourite memories of my grandma are the card's she'd send me for my birthday. Always full of advice. Sometimes scolding me for things. So precious!

Amie Lamm-Griffin said...

Baking with my grandma. Especially my favorite chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting! I loved staying with my grandparents!

Roberta said...

It is very hard to pick one fav memory. A memory I do treasure involves both my mom and her sis, who I am close to.
When I was young there were not many malls or large shopping centers. The "good" stores were downtown. My aunt lived on the other side of the city. We would all take the bus into town and meet at the department store for lunch. It was a wonderful tea shop! We would have awesome sandwiches. Then I would spend time shopping with my aunt while my mom shopped alone (she probably LOVED it!) Then we would meet again and all take the bus home. It was ladies day! (I had brothers but no sis). Sorry it is so long!

Brenda Hollingsworth said...

My mom is my hero. I can't pick a favorite memory but one really good one is last Mother's Day. We found an awesome fountain so we kicked off our shoes and JUMPED in... much to the dismay of my brother and fiance.

Tiff Scraps said...

My mom always did everything last minute, including cooking. She would plunk frozen hamburger meat in a pan with a little water and defrost and cook it at the same time. I grew up thinking that you had to freeze meat before you could cook it! I love little things like that that are passed from one generation to the next. That is one of my favorite memories, although it is a silly one.

Anastasia said...
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Anastasia said...

This is a very beautiful kit. My favorite memories are always of my mom & my grandma (her mom). My grandma lived on a farm and shared her love of horses with my mom & me. She also shared her love of sparkly things and pretty jewels and fashion! Every time I see a horse or a sparkly pair of shoes, I think fondly of my mom & grandma.

boxsey said...

Winner! Thank you so much!