Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here's a Trick about Chalkboard

We've been seeing a lot of elements in the digital world made to look like writing on chalkboard. Celeste has a number of very cute chalkboard kits in the shop, like these chalkboard tags, or these noted journalers.

One of my favorites is her chalkboard calendars. But what if you don't want to use the black background (the "chalkboard")? Here's an easy trick for making use of chalkboard elements in other ways.

I used the 2014 chalkboard calendar kit for a small, purse-sized calendar that I make and bind with a jump ring.

It's really easy to use the chalkboard text without the chalkboard, just set the blending mode to lighten:
I wasn't too keen on the text covering the face of my subject, so again, it's quite easy to move the text from its original position, wherever you want it. Using the rectangular marquee tool, select the section you want moved. Hold down the control key (command on a Mac), and then tap the arrow keys on your keyboard to shift the section over. When you're done, release the control key and hit escape. Done!
So now those chalkboard elements just became a whole new kit! Hope you enjoy using Celeste's chalkboard too.

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Barbara said...

Great tip Liz! Use blending modes ... great idea! I'd have probably tried extracting the chalk parts. I learned something new today ... yay!