Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to Clip a Paper- Digi Die-Cutting

A quick tutorial to start out your year: 
How to clip a paper to a shape or Digi Die-Cutting
(In Photoshop CS6)

First open up your document- this can be a blank canvas or a template. Here I've used a blank canvas:

You can see my 12x12 canvas and my Layer Stack. Now we'll add our next shape.

Now I decided I don't want to have a white background, I'd like a patterned paper. So making sure that the Background Layer is highlighted, I'm going to add a patterned paper. 
see the background layer^^ It's blue- that's what I want.

You can either drag it on (hold the shift key to center the paper) or use the File:Place command:
Click it then navigate to the paper you want and click Place.

Now your page should look like this:
Hit Enter to accept the paper if you have that big X on your page. Now we want to add a paper over that big red square. Select the square in your layer stack.

See^^ now the red square is selected.

Drag your paper or use the place command again. Now your page and layer stack look like this:

Hit enter if you have that big X. Now we want to "cut" the paper down to size. 

Right click on your paper in the layer stack. This menu should pop up:
Click on Create Clipping mask. (shortcut is ctrl/command G)

Now your page looks like this:

See that little downward arrow? That means you have "clipped" your paper to the shape beneath it. You can clip to text, other shapes, and all those layers on templates!

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