Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Piccadilly DSD Bloghop

Have you ever created a layout and later wondered which kit you used? 

I have found the easiest way to create my credit lists, or keep track of where supplies came from is to have descriptive layer names in my photoshop file. 

There are a couple of ways to achieve this, you can rename every layer as you add it to the document, which can be very time consuming. 

In CS5 and CS6 there is a script built in to the program called load files into stack, this will load all the files you select into one document and each layer is names by it's filename. 

Another option is to use the Copy&Close script from Speed Scraps, which are generously provided free and will work in PS2 and up and PSE 6 and up.

In newer versions of PS and PSE, you can drag a file directly onto your document, this will create a "smart object" which you can rasterize to save space, and the layer is named with the filename. 

I hope one of these can help get you scrapping smarter, not harder and give you more time for your creations.

And now the reason you are hopping along all the blogs today! 

You just came from Dawn by Design 

Here is Celeste's portion of Piccadilly:

You should have over half of your letters by now, the letter you need here is:

and you'll want to hop along all the stops to get this fantastic collab:

Now you'll be hopping over to Karla Dudley to pick up your next letter.

Here is a list of all the stops if you get lost:
Celeste Knight <<<----You are Here! (your letter is L)

Here are a few previews of what's coming for you this weekend! It's going to be a fantastic DSD!


agravette said...

Thank you so's beautiful!

Shay said...

Great tip to rename the layers to keep crediting easy. Also adore your gorgeous contribution to the kit. Love all you do!

eversoscrumptiously said...

Great tip, thank you! I made a keyboard shortcut to rename a layer with the file name, which I use before dragging something into my project. A little clunky, but it works with my workflow.

Thanks also for the gorgeous kit! Happy DSD!

shawnyrvr said...

TYSVM for your lovely part of the DSD gift!!! :D

Ashley Brown said...

Thank you for the awesome tips and the beautiful kit!! Happy DSD!