Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Iffy's Favorite Free Fonts: Fillable Edition

Fillable [/fil ˈābəl/]
A font with multiple styles that may be stacked upon each other to achieve different finished looks.
                                                                            -Iffy's Made Up Definitions

Hello my Fabulous Font Fanatics! In this post, I will be focusing on fonts that you can tweak into something that will match any kit you are working with. I shall call them Fillables. I do, however, realize some might gawk at my made up word, and if there is a proper name for this type of font, please let me know in the comments below. Google and I spent long hours trying to find the right name for these, to no avail. If you are still a little lost as to what I am actually talking about each of the font families below come with multiple fonts that you can layer on top of each other.
Included with Download:
 Sample Photo of Flatbread Font
The finished text with paper clipped to the solid font and outlines layered on top:
 Sample Photo of Flatbread Font
 In order to use the different parts of this font, I suggest using making a separate canvas in your design program and creating your word art in that window, then dropping it on to your page.  You may also find it helpful to choose a different color for each layer of text so that you can easily see what you are working with. Additionally, some tweaking of the character spacing and size maybe be necessary to line the letters up properly.

Now on to the goodies!

Iffy's Favorite Free Fonts: Fillable Edition

Please Click the name of the font you would like to download below, it will redirect you to the download site.
Impact Label
KG The Last Time
Ships In The Knight

If you would like to get the papers used in this post, please stop by Sweet Caroline Studios at Pixels & Company and scoop up the Pistachio Kit.

Happy Scrapping!

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