Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Studio Open House

Today I thought I'd introduce you to the Creative Team and let you get to know them a little bit.  Each of them created an All About Me page and I've included their bio so you can learn a little bit about each of them.

Meet Beatrice:

I work as a financial analyst for a large health system in the Detroit area.  Earning a living definitely cuts into the time I have available to do what I really enjoy, reading, scrapping, being outside and spending time with family.  DH and I have five children in total who have managed to reward us with three grandchildren, at least so far.  The majority of my scrapbook pages feature those three little boys ages 2 to 5.5.  I take far too many photos with the hope that at least a few will be decent enough to add to a scrapbook page.  Occasionally I look through the photos and albums left in my care by my parents or the relatively horrid photos of my own children growing up.  I love scrapping and hope that by telling the stories behind the photos I’m creating something my family will enjoy for years to come.  If not, at least it doesn’t take up too much space.

Meet Tiffany:

A Southern Peach, born and raised in a small town in Georgia, Tiffany discovered her love for art at an early age. On holidays and birthdays her family knew the biggest smiles were won with craft supplies of any kind. By twelve she had taught herself how to knit, draw, paper scrap. Since she had developed a passion for photography and creating, studying web design in college seemed a natural progression. It wasn’t until meeting her long lost cousin (and now bestie) that Tiffany finally heard the glittery sparkling call of DigiLand.

It has been two years and one hundred forty-six (counting only finished and Iffy approved) pages later, Tiffany is now living in Colorado with her tech savvy honey and looking forward to new adventures in the mid-west.

Meet Sara:

Hi! My name is Sara and I absolutely love digi-scrapping.  I love sharing my most precious memories with the people I love, in a beautiful and artistic way.  I am middle school teacher by day and a mommy to the cutest little doxie in the world, a yogi, a crafter, and an amateur graphic designer by night.  I love making cute things that make people smile!  I look forward to sharing my layouts with you and hope to inspire you to create some fabulous layouts of your own!

Meet Lorell:

I've lived in Idaho most of my life and just love it! My hubby and I 
have been married almost 20 years, and we have four children, ages 
7-10.  We adopted them almost seven years ago and it's been quite the 
adventure for us all.  I've been scrapbooking since 1998, and started 
digital scrapping in 2007 because it was easier to do when my kids were 
toddlers.  Now, however, I love doing it because of all the cool 
techniques that I have at my finger tips.

When I'm not scrapping or chasing after my kids, I enjoy reading, ballet 
class, cooking healthy meals, Zumba, being outdoors, and spending time 
with family.

Meet Liz:

I am originally from the east coast, but moved to Los Angeles so long ago I feel like a California native. My husband and I met in the 7th grade! We have been happily married for 29 years,  We have an adult daughter and son, and three beautiful granddaughters (who are the subject of 98% of my scrapbook pages!). Recently we rescued a 2 year old pit bull, who would be a great watch dog if she didn't try to lick every visitor to death. I am at my most content puttering around in my studio, designing crafty stuff. I am very fortunate and grateful to be living a life surrounded by people that love me. That's me!

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