Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Watercolor Splatter Card Tutorial

I was a card-maker before I was a digital scrapper. I used to drag out my ink, rubber stamps, chalks, ribbons, brads, eyelets, paper, paper and more paper every time I'd make a card. Masking using rubber stamps is an arduous process, and often I would throw out half of the initial attempts until I got the look I wanted. Now, I look for digital supplies that can simplify that process.

This card was made using Celeste's In Bloom papers, and her new Watercolor splatters. First I created a 5x7 canvas in PSE. I layered the In Bloom papers, added some paint-look watercolor splatters, then created the base flower layer with the flower-look  watercolor splatters. The flower layer was duplicated twice, and masked, then colored with two different shades of pink, to allow it to look painted on different areas. To create the mask, click on the "add layer mask" icon above the layers palette. Click on the white mask in the layer. With your eraser tool selected, "erase" the sections of the flower layer that you want removed. By using the layer mask, you have much more flexibility to change the look.

The base is printed all as one, and with a simple sentiment stamped onto vellum and adhered with brads, the base can be added to the card. A nice ribbon bow finishes it off. No mess, and no discarding the "drafts." And now that the card base digital version is saved, I can re-print as needed, without dragging out all of my supplies!

sweet caroline studio (Celeste Knight) In Bloom papers, watercolor splatters. 
Sentiment stamp by Stampin' Up.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jubilee Papers | Hello Sunshine

The Jubilee tags were put to good use by the CT, and I'll show you a beautiful layout in a minute, but first I want to introduce the newest watercolor paper set- Jubilee

Tiffany combined several kits and has created this beautiful, soft layout that reminds me of warm sunny days.

Tiffany used:

Next week Liz has a tutorial using the watercolor splatters, and you'll love what she's created!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Iffy's Favorite Free Fonts: Title Edition

Say it out loud, FONTS.
Does it make your digi-loving heart squeal with giddiness? There are few things that can touch the excitement of a new kit, for me, one of those is a fresh-out-of-the-box font, complete with new car smell and shiny plastic wrappings. Okay, maybe not the last two, but... you get the point.

For this post I have scoured my hard-drive to bring you my all time favorite free fonts. Not just any old fonts. This collection specifically adds a little somethin'-somethin' to title work, either in a traditional digi layout, hybrid printed project, or in addition to an alpha.


To Download: Click the name of the font you would like below, it will open a new window or tab in your browser. Click 'Download' near the top of the page.

'Iffy's Favorite Free Fonts' is Amatic
'Title Edition' is  Geo Sans Light
Mountain Retreat
Quiet Typer
Peach Milk
Penelope Anne
Green Piloww
1942 report
Time Machine
Sketch Block
Kraft Nine
Cut Away
Cry Kitty

Like the papers in the image above? They are from Celeste's Menagerie Solid Papers Collection. Be sure to scoop it up after you've loaded up on fonts!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Reveal #2 | Project LIfe® Theme Cards | Road Trip and Zoo

Not only did Celeste create the beautiful Heritage Core Kit, but she has also created 2 of the newly announced Themed Cards. These will be released sometime this fall and will be available in stores and online. Also, they will be released digitally around the same time! 

Road Trip is one of the larger packs (60 cards) and will make 12 Project Life pages.

Zoo is slightly smaller (40 cards), but will still complete 8 Project Life pages.

I'm excited to see these in print and to have the chance to pick them up in digi too!

For more details and to see the other themed card packs that will be available, hop over to Becky's blog.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Revealed | Project Life® Heritage Edition

Have you heard the news? Celeste has designed a new core kit for Project Life® : The Heritage Edition

These designs and color palette that will complement your precious heritage photographs and memories beautifully. 

Scheduled for release sometime this fall, it will be available in retail and online locations.

For more information and to see the other lines that have also been announced, check out Becky's blog.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dollar Days | Chalkboard Elements

New today in the shop: Chalkboard Elements. These look fabulous with the Chalkboard Tags, but also look great placed directly on your photos. 

Check out what the Creative Team has done with these:

by Lorell

by Celeste S.

I love how Lorell paired the black and white with the light blue from Nautical, and Celeste added some papers from Menagerie for a hint of color.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dollar Days | Watercolor Splatters

What started with a request from the CT is now this wonderful pack of Watercolor Splatters, they look great with the Sherbet papers, and are easy to recolor. 

You can pick these up, along with all the other Dollar Days deals, but remember everything goes back to regular price on August 1, so shop before you forget.

Here are some inspiration pages from the fabulously talented CT:
by Tiffany
by Celeste S.

Are you short on inspiration? Check out the challenges at Pixels & Company, 3 challenges, each with 3 levels of difficulty, plus the mega challenge: CEO. Combine all the requirements into one super awesome layout for the chance to join the site CT as a guest. Earn points that you can use towards a discount on a future purchase.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Selective Re-coloring Using a Layer Mask

One of my favorite ways to improve a digital photo is through selective recoloring. This process can take an average photo and give it a bit of pop! To show you what I mean, I'll be using this photo of my daughter for today's tutorial. 


I really adore the way she looks here, but I find the background a bit distracting, so I'm going to make the background black and white and re-color her so her cuteness can be highlighted.

Here is the process in three easy steps.  If you cannot see enough detail on the photos, click on them and you will see a larger view of each image:


Choose a photo and open it in Photoshop or PSE. Create a new adjustment layer by clicking on the circle icon that's half blue (or black) and half white (see letter A in the diagram). It's located right above the layers palette. A flyout menu will appear; from there, choose “hue and saturation.” Just below the layers palette, you will see an area with some sliders for the adjustment layer you created. Using your cursor, go to the middle slider and move it all the way to the left (the number on the right of the slider will say something like “-100;” see letter B).


For re-coloring to work correctly, the first thing you need to do is change your foreground color to white (see letter C). If it isn't currently white, a quick way make that color is to hit “D” on your keyboard, then hit “X.” From here, go to your toolbar and click on the eraser tool (letter D in the diagram). You will use the brush tool to do your erasing, so choose a hard, round brush from the flyout menu there. You can resize the brush either up or down by using the bracket {} keys on your keyboard. Use the eraser like coloring crayon to recolor the section of your photo you want to be in color.  Leave the rest of the image in black and white.  Letter E below shows where I started to erase the black and white to reveal to colors in my daughter's skin and clothes.  

The black and white layer you are erasing is your layer mask, and it is "masking" the true colors of your background so that you can better highlight the person or thing you are recoloring.  If you look at letter F below, you can see the shape of my daughter on the layer thumbnail.  The black and white hues are being removed as I color her back in.



If by chance you accidentally color in too much, don't panic! Simply change your foreground color from white to black (see letter H). Hit the “X” key again to make black the foreground color, and remove color with the eraser tool. I generally make the brush size smaller and zoom in closer so that my brush strokes are more precise. In the photo below, you can see that I colored too much of the rug, so I went back in to make that part of the photo black and white again. I removed color from my daughter's hand so you can see how simple it is to undo the re-coloring if you want (letter G). 



Check out the photo before (straight out of my camera) and after on the layout. The recoloring is subtle, but it makes her stand out a bit and fades out the rest of photo so that she can shine. By the way, if you want to pick up the gorgeous supplies I used for this page, they are from Celeste's "Noted" kits. 


Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Dollar Days | Sherbet Papers

Today Celeste has a beautiful set of watercolor papers perfect for your summer layouts. I can't wait to use them with water photos! She has called them Sherbet, and here they are:

Don't they remind you of a sweet frozen treat melting on a hot summer day?

Here is some inspiration from the creative team:

by Liz

by Bea

These papers are on sale through the rest of the month, but don't wait too long, you don't want to miss out, they will return to regular price August 1st.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Studio Open House

Today I thought I'd introduce you to the Creative Team and let you get to know them a little bit.  Each of them created an All About Me page and I've included their bio so you can learn a little bit about each of them.

Meet Beatrice:

I work as a financial analyst for a large health system in the Detroit area.  Earning a living definitely cuts into the time I have available to do what I really enjoy, reading, scrapping, being outside and spending time with family.  DH and I have five children in total who have managed to reward us with three grandchildren, at least so far.  The majority of my scrapbook pages feature those three little boys ages 2 to 5.5.  I take far too many photos with the hope that at least a few will be decent enough to add to a scrapbook page.  Occasionally I look through the photos and albums left in my care by my parents or the relatively horrid photos of my own children growing up.  I love scrapping and hope that by telling the stories behind the photos I’m creating something my family will enjoy for years to come.  If not, at least it doesn’t take up too much space.

Meet Tiffany:

A Southern Peach, born and raised in a small town in Georgia, Tiffany discovered her love for art at an early age. On holidays and birthdays her family knew the biggest smiles were won with craft supplies of any kind. By twelve she had taught herself how to knit, draw, paper scrap. Since she had developed a passion for photography and creating, studying web design in college seemed a natural progression. It wasn’t until meeting her long lost cousin (and now bestie) that Tiffany finally heard the glittery sparkling call of DigiLand.

It has been two years and one hundred forty-six (counting only finished and Iffy approved) pages later, Tiffany is now living in Colorado with her tech savvy honey and looking forward to new adventures in the mid-west.

Meet Sara:

Hi! My name is Sara and I absolutely love digi-scrapping.  I love sharing my most precious memories with the people I love, in a beautiful and artistic way.  I am middle school teacher by day and a mommy to the cutest little doxie in the world, a yogi, a crafter, and an amateur graphic designer by night.  I love making cute things that make people smile!  I look forward to sharing my layouts with you and hope to inspire you to create some fabulous layouts of your own!

Meet Lorell:

I've lived in Idaho most of my life and just love it! My hubby and I 
have been married almost 20 years, and we have four children, ages 
7-10.  We adopted them almost seven years ago and it's been quite the 
adventure for us all.  I've been scrapbooking since 1998, and started 
digital scrapping in 2007 because it was easier to do when my kids were 
toddlers.  Now, however, I love doing it because of all the cool 
techniques that I have at my finger tips.

When I'm not scrapping or chasing after my kids, I enjoy reading, ballet 
class, cooking healthy meals, Zumba, being outdoors, and spending time 
with family.

Meet Liz:

I am originally from the east coast, but moved to Los Angeles so long ago I feel like a California native. My husband and I met in the 7th grade! We have been happily married for 29 years,  We have an adult daughter and son, and three beautiful granddaughters (who are the subject of 98% of my scrapbook pages!). Recently we rescued a 2 year old pit bull, who would be a great watch dog if she didn't try to lick every visitor to death. I am at my most content puttering around in my studio, designing crafty stuff. I am very fortunate and grateful to be living a life surrounded by people that love me. That's me!

Monday, July 1, 2013

July Dollar Days

July kicks off with a bang as Pixels & Company begins Dollar Days! During the month, 100 brand new kits will release and the price? You guessed it, ONE DOLLAR! Don't wait too long though, all the items will return to their regular prices August 1st.

 To kick off the month, these sweet little tags will take your layouts to the next level. Use them on your summer layouts, and as the days get shorter, they will be perfect for all your back to school projects.