Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Saving Brushes

Once you have defined your brush (see this post if you need a refresher: define a brush), you might want to save your brush to use in the future. It’s easy!

Your defined brush will, by default, “attach” itself to whichever brush set you most recently loaded. In my example, I had the default brushes loaded last. I defined Celeste’s June oh so simple calendar card, to turn it into a brush. But in order to find it again, I need to save it in a logical place other than with the default brushes.

With your brush tool selected, just click on the little drop down arrow next to the word “brush” in the tool bin, then click on the second drop down menu that pops up. Within the second drop down menu you will see “preset manager” – click on that.

You will now see a wider view of your last-loaded brushes, including your newly defined brush at the very end of the thumbnails. Click on your brush, and click on “save set.”

Navigate to the place in your computer where you want to save your brush. Name your brush, then click on “save.” In this case, since I was saving a brush that originated in Celeste’s oh so simple calendar cards, I saved the brush within the same folder. When the preset manager pops back up, click done. Now when you click on your brush tool and load brushes, your saved set will be right where you saved it. And if you click on the saved set, only the brush you created will be in that set. You can easily add more brushes to the set, just by defining, selecting the multiple brushes, and re-saving the set.

Easy, right?

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