Friday, July 25, 2014

Dollar Days Roundup

Dollar Days is always a whirlwind of deals! This month sweet caroline studio has 7 new releases, each more delicious than the last. Take a whirl through the store and snag these great deals, because on August first they will return to full price.

 Take a look at the Bright Life Journalers, don't they remind you of sherbet melting in the summer heat? These are a great way to incorporate the watercolor trend on your traditional layouts or pocket page spreads.

If you snagged the Wisdom Cards earlier this month, you may want to snag the wisdom stamps. You will recieve the files as pngs and an abr brush file.

In case you missed any of the earlier dollar days releases, click the images to head to the store.

Remember these will return to regular price on August 1, so don't delay!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July's Gallery Stand-outs

Hi everyone Samantha here, sharing a few awesome pages from Celeste's Gallery! It is so much fun to go through the gallery and see what everyone is creating! So much inspiration, just makes me want to open photo shop and get a page done!

By Alina Love 
using Summer Girl a collaboration between Celeste and Gennifer Bursett.

By Solysombra33

By Maribel
using La dee da Full Kit

And lucky last here is one of my pages using Patriotic Kraft Papers and Brushes/elements which are only $1 each!!!!

So till next month - Happy Scrapping :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wisdom Cards | Dollar Days New Release

Do you ever struggle to title your pages? Journal cards with beautiful word art might be the answer. Add a journal card to your traditional layout, use the quote as a starting point for your journaling, and you have a well designed, complete layout. Journal cards are not just for journaling any more.  The Wisdon Cards are a perfect example of focus or title cards, and for the rest of July, you can get them for only $1.

Don't you love Dollar Days?

Leave a comment telling us which card is your favorite quote. One lucky commenter will win the cards for free! The winner will be selected on Wednesday, July 17.

Congrats to Brenda- she's the winner of a free set of Wisdom Cards.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dollar Days Continue

Dollar days continue all month long and you can grab these deals every day! New today in the shop are the Happy Camper Journalers. Snag these to complete your Happy Camper experience.

Make your getaway and snag these cards for your pocket layouts and traditional layouts. Take a look at what the creative team has done:
by Lorry

By Bea
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hybrid Project: Fun Coaster Set

Hey everyone! It's Lorell here and I felt the itch to do another project involving wood and decoupage, so I chose this very cute coaster set. I used Celeste's Fresh Picked Paper kit for this project, which is such a darling assortment of papers! I got an unfinished coaster set at a local craft store, and if you can't find one similar to this near you, just opt for a set of individual wood coasters and find a separate wood box to store them in. A wood cigar box would be a great choice.

Supply List: 
 -an unfinished wood coaster set and a wood flower (or other decoration)
-printed digital papers (laser prints work best)

-scissors and a sanding block or sandpaper

-a foam brush and a small to medium paint brush

-a coordinating color of acryclic paint

-Mod Podge

-small circular felt pads (self-adhesive)

-Aleen's Tacky Glue
-white button or other small embellishment

-a ruler and pencil

-small screwdriver set

-one piece of a coordinating cardstock (I used the orange shade from the Bazzill Spicy Paper Pack)

-Ranger Distress Ink pad or any other stamp pad

-2 circle punches (one larger and one smaller)

-toothpicks and a brayer

Step One:

 Sand down the storage box and the coasters (especially around the edges) to smooth out any rough spots. Remove the hinges and the clasp from your box using a small screwdriver (it will be much easier to paint if you do). Paint one part of your box (either the inside or the outside) and allow to dry, then finish the rest of it. Paint all of the coasters as well.  Use a paintbrush to coat any areas that the foam brush is too large to use on.

Paint the embellishment for the top of your box lid if needed. I chose a chipboard flower for the top of my box. Since I wanted to decopauge the top of the flower with paper, I painted only the edges. 

Step Two:
Measure the distance between the two inside edges of your box with a ruler from side to side and top to bottom. Write down the measurements if needed. Repeat the process by measuring the inside of the box lid and the coasters. As well, measure the sides, top of the lid, and the bottom of the box. Take all these measurements and subtract a half inch from two of the sides of each area. 

 Using the new measurements, cut squares of cardstock to go inside the bottom of the box and lid, and patterned paper squares and rectangles for the coasters and the other box surfaces.  For your reference, here's the actual sizes I cut my paper rectangles and squares into:

Top of the box lid = 4 1/8 in. square

Inside of box & box lid = 3 5/8 in. square

sides of the box = 1 3/8 in. x 4 1/4 in.

The bottom of the box = 4 2/8 in. square

Coasters = 3.5 in. square

 If desired, distress all the edges of the paper squares and rectangles with the stamp pad ink. Cutting the paper pieces down a little will allow the coordinating paint to show and creates a cute border along the edges of the box and coasters. 

Coat all painted pieces of the set with Mod Podge, then position the paper squares and rectangles onto the corresponding sides and let dry. Use a brayer to flatten any air bubbles that have formed under the paper. Once the paper is glued down and dry, Layer over the top of the paper with another coating of sealant. When you are decoupaging around the holes for the hinges and the clasp, plug them with toothpicks to keep the Mod Podge from closing them up.

When all sides of the coasters have been sealed and are dry, attach the foam pads to the bottom of them. This will protect your tabletops and counters from scratches when you use the set. 

 Step Three:
Take your lid embellishment and a piece of patterned paper you want to decoupage onto it. Turn the pattern side of your paper down, and place the embellishment (in this case, the flower) upside down onto the paper. Using your pencil, trace an outline around the embellishment and cut it out. Adhere the paper (pattern side up) onto the embellishment using Mod Podge or another glue. If desired, use other papers and elements to decorate your embellishments. 

 I used my two circle punches to create a middle for the flower, and topped that off with a white, pearly button (not shown here, but added later). Seal the top of everything with Mod Podge and allow to dry. Then take your embellishment and glue it to your lid using a strong adhesive. I used Aleene's Tacky Glue. As always, when this is good and dry, seal the whole lid again with Mod Podge. Remove the toothpicks when the top coat is dry.

Step Four:

Now it's time to reattach your hinges and clasp. Using the screwdriver again, attach the hinges to the back of the box. Insert one screw into the each hinge, and partially tighten it down. You will need to wiggle the hinges around just a bit to get the rest of the screws inserted and fitting properly in their corresponding holes. Once everything is lined up and ready, then tighten all the screws down. 

 When this is done, turn the box over and reattach the clasp. You will need to partially attach either the top or the bottom of the clasp using one screw.  Then take the other piece of the clasp and clamp the two parts of the clasp together. Proceed to insert the rest of the screws, adjust them to fit as needed, and tighten them down.

Now you are finished, and look at how cute this set is! This project is can be customized to match your taste, home decor, or whatever. This would make a fun hostess gift,  family keepsake, or whatever you can dream up. I hope you have fun making one of your own!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dollar Days | Patriotic Elements

Day two of Dollar Days! Have you scored some deals yet? Today you can snag the Patriotic Elements. 12 stamp images (also included in abr format) and 5 tags. Using the brush file means they are extremely easy to recolor. 

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dollar Days | Patriotic Kraft and Exclusive Freebie

Are you excited for Dollar Days? 

Over the month of July, P&Co Designers will release over 100 kits and they will be $1.00 each all month long. 

Up first today from sweet caroline studio is Patriotic Kraft. The perfect addition to your stash for your holiday projects. 

The Creative team has some beautiful inspiration for you, using Patriotic Kraft and the upcoming Patriotic Elements.

Thanks for joining us today!  If you are a newsletter subscriber, you will be receiving links to get 2 alphas and bonus tape elements. 

The download links will be available through the newsletter. If you missed this round,  they will also be available in the next edition of the newsletter so hurry and sign up.